• Andrea West

Vishuddhi Chakra (throat/neck),the purification and communication centre in the pranic (energy) body

This week we will work on raising prana (energy) upwards in the body and up through the neck via the throat chakra - (Vishuddhi ) into the head area.

A purification process will take place and can be felt in body, energy and mind.

Using the powerful techniques from the Hatha yoga system and instructions from Patanjali, we can find a shift of thought (ego mind) being purified into feeling of Bliss throughout body and mind.

Health benefits will come through as a brighter voice, to be able to communicate truth more freely. Ailments of head, neck, throat and chest can shift.

Also we will be less prone to just seeing ourselves from what we have or need to accomplish in life.

Spiritual evolvement can take place.

We will easily be able to go with the flow of life’s dualities and a sense of freedom can be felt.

Siddhis (psychic powers) can be experienced which will show you that “you are on your way” spiritually but we are warned that we must not let them distract the journey onwards.

Om Shanti

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