About Andrea

At what point did you become interested in yoga?

I first began my understanding of yoga when I bought my first yoga book at a jumble sale by the author Richard Hittleman and I haven't looked back since. During my time as a fully trained beauty therapist, I travelled the world and it was in Vail, Colorado, USA, where I first developed an interest in alternative therapies. This reignited my love for yoga and at the age of 28 I started attending a regular yoga class - and was hooked.


In what ways was yoga beneficial to you?

 remember feeling energised and at peace almost immediately and this grounded feeling has only grown deeper as I have pursued my passion and furthered my practice. Throughout both of my pregnancies this also helped with staying in shape, having energy, with the births and the recovery time too.


How did you become a teacher?

My yoga teacher approached me as she felt I had the potential to become a good teacher myself. My training was with the British Wheel of Yoga in Exeter on a weekly basis, which lasted two and a half years. My teacher trainer, Angela Ashwin has an immense knowledge and understanding of yoga philosophy and it's connection with the reasons of why we are practising yoga. This has been an inspiration to my learning as I've always wanted to know 'why' are we doing yoga and the asanas (postures).


What is the British Wheel of Yoga?

The British Wheel of Yoga is the National Governing Body for Yoga and the largest yoga membership organisation in the country, with a national network of over 4,000 qualified teachers. The BWY is committed to promoting a greater understanding of yoga and its safe practise through experience, education, discussion, study and training.  From personal development modules, through foundation and diploma courses and in service training days, this all helps to extend and develop my yoga practice and experience in a safe and professional environment. The BWY is a highly professional organisation offering first class training in all the practical and ethical aspects of being a safe, skilled, competent, qualified yoga teacher.