"Having had two hip replacements, I thought it may have resticted me but even if I can't get into a posture there is always an alternative given. I now attend yoga twice a week and the benefits are outstanding both inside and out. It has made such a difference and my posture has really improved. It is a lovely class made up of all ages and I'd fully recommend it."

- Jan

"Andrea, our yoga teacher of many years, is a lovely person. She has a deep understanding of her subject which is put across to people of all ages and abilities in well-planned lessons. She takes special care of pupils with limited capability. We would recommend Andrea to anyone with an interest in yoga."

- Bob & Mary

"A haven of tranquility in today's chaotic world... Andrea has a warm, calm and caring presence with lots of positive energy. The class is well paced and the yoga poses and sequences are really well explained. This is not just about a series of poses and some meditation thrown in at the end, but really can become the start of a practice that develops a mindfulness that can be taken forward into everyday living - so needed in today's chaotic world! Thank you Andrea for all your help and for being such a good teacher."

- Maryam

"We had never been to a yoga class before and didn't know what to expect but we needn't have been nervous as Andrea's classes are friendly and welcoming. You work to your own level and she provides individual attention when needed. Not only have we noticed the physical benefits, we also have an appreciation of the spirituality of yoga too."

- Louise & Ian

"Andrea's yoga classes have become one of the most important, valuable and enjoyable parts of my week. People of all ages and abilities are welcomed and encouraged to discover the numerous benefits of yoga. Andrea is a wonderful teacher who supports our practice with her warmth, positivity and in depth knowledge. I would (and do) recommend these classes to anyone!"

- Jo

"I just wanted to say a huge thank you to you for allowing me to attend your yoga classes. You have introduced me to a very mindful and aware type of yoga. It is not only about the poses but also about healing the body in a mindful and aware approach. It holistically heals and brings together mindfulness and yoga in an amazing way. I feel truly blessed to have found you and your approach. I know that my next journey in my life will be enhanced having had a few weeks of your yoga.. I will return, as I have now found what I've been searching for.."

- Claire

"Just a little note to let you know how much I enjoy your very friendly classes. They are suitable for any level from absolute beginner to more advanced. Following your thorough instructions that we only stretch as much as our own bodies tell us, plus the relaxation and meditation at the end of class, I always leave feeling so much better and contented. Thank you once again."

- Roger

"Andrea is a very warm, gifted and attentive teacher. Her deep love and knowledge of Yoga won’t leave you untouched. Her lessons are well planned; her readings are particularly inspiring. You will leave her class feeling more connected and lighter. Thank you Andrea!"

- Yolande

"The first time I attended yoga I was very nervous but I was soon made to feel at ease by Andrea. The classes are very friendly and inviting. Andrea has always been very helpful in and out of class and if one is having difficulty, modifications are made to cater for abilities or health issues. 12 months into my yoga experience I am physically and mentally stronger. Andrea with her extensive practical and mental knowledge is extremely dedicated and as a result has enabled me to be the best I can within the constraints of my medical condition. I cannot imaging my life now without yoga just wish I had not waited so long to start it. Many Thanks."

- Nikki

"I cannot thank Andrea enough for encouraging me to come to her yoga class. My only regret is that I didn't go sooner. Andrea has such great knowledge of yoga and mindfulness. I was really nervous when attending but the class was so welcoming and friendly for any level of yoga. The breathing and posture work has helped me so much with health problems. I wish I could put into words how good you feel after yoga. Thank you, Andrea."

- Charlie