Yoga Classes in Plymouth
Class Information 


What to expect

The Yoga classes are structured to a particular theme. These themes stem from the philosophy of Yoga and can be related to our modern way of living.

The classes are prepared with consideration to everyone's needs and abilities. Whether you are advanced or a beginner, the whole class work towards the same posture that day. The aim is to move into the end posture with ease so that we can feel the benefit from the work done. Yoga is not about forcing ourselves into knots! The biggest releases from tensions are often created by the smallest moves when performed with the right state of mind.

At the end or beginning of the class there is a breathing practise session which is called 'Pranayama' in Indian Sanskrit, which translates as 'energy/control/movement' this helps to open up the energy in the body. This opens up the inner awareness which helps us towards relaxation and meditation.

Relaxation is performed at the end of class. Yoga relaxation is a further deepening of releasing tensions and further deepening inner awareness - not sleeping! Although some do and that's ok!

What to bring

A NON-SLIP Yoga mat.

A blanket for relaxation.

Socks and a warm top for relaxation.

What to wear

Loose comfortable clothing, i.e. t- shirt/leggings/tracksuit bottoms.