• Andrea West

Understanding why we suffer and how to remove it.

We will be starting a new course for March; we will be progressing onto postures and teaching themes that will enrich our body and mind with plenty of wisdom to take with us into daily life.

Teaching themes: I will unravel their meaning to be experienced in the class. When we experience them we are transforming.

All humans can evolve whatever age, state of health, past history or any discrimination we give ourselves.

The health benefits are the bi-product.

Not only are we evolving but we are helping others around us and so on. As we can see the whole planet needs help.

1st week- cause of that avoidable pain is the union of Purusha; the Seer and Prakriti; the seen which is nature. ref Patanjali 2,17

Please prebook if you haven’t done so already ( message me on this website contact form)

Om Shanti

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