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Saucha - purification

We are progressing with the Down Dog into Runners Lunge.

That’s not to say in an egotistical manner but to emphasise the benefits of yoga.

The body and mind has to be fit and strong/ flexible to be able to move without self affliction in any way but also to carry the power of the inner Self.

It can be explained in the way an electric circuit works to carry electricity throughout the wired system. The power of the Self when mind is stilled is a strong power likened to a powerful electric current, so we need a good quality wire and good connections to carry the charge through the body.

Using yoga teachings to discriminate what keeps our body and mind healthy as a continual practice not only on our mats but also off them in our lives, is important.

Patanjali Yoga Sutras and the Hatha Yoga Pradipika explain how there is a strong purification process that takes place in the body and mind with yoga and over time, can even purify the senses to ensure we don’t crave for toxins that would unbalance the body.

I’m sure you’re starting to recognise this too.

This week as from Wednesday we will work on purification; saucha.

This purification can also disconnect the senses to mind so as not to be swept away into sensory gratification. Also this can help us to understand the body is a vehicle to carry the Self and not to be worshipped as though this is all there is to us.

Classes as usual face to face and online this week and videos available

Om Shanti

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