• Andrea West

Pure thoughts

The force of nature within us and around us is evolving and to progress we need to take the obstacles away.

The reason for the obstacles is the asmita force of “me” creates the activity of words, thoughts or deeds which can be 3 fold- white, black or neutral.

Accomplished yogis who are free from asmita who act in the state of meditation have pure actions which don’t leave deposits and their thoughts are “white”

We will work with releasing the patterns of how we act - either rushing, creating tension, blocking breath, a negative mind set.

Or we try too hard creating solidity in the mind lack of attentiveness to others or we are not taking enough action and then feel dull in mind and scattered with lack of focus.

Bringing awareness to body’s resistance and breath in dhyana (meditation), we will see when breath ceases the mind falls into the state of dhyana

The obstacles which would create a veil over the inner light reduce

Aim for kumbhaka and keep the veil lifted.

Ref Patanjali 4, 1-10

Om Shanti

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