• Andrea West

Pranayama- Kumbhaka

Pranayama is breath restraint and stops the mind from being in control.

The Hatha Yogis called this practice “Kumbhaka” which means an empty bowl that relates to the emptiness in the pelvis and happens in the pause after the outbreath.

It is a powerful key practice when this stage of breath has been reached so that mind,body and prana (life force) con operate together and the three work in unison.

It can otherwise be that we “think” we are in the pause after the outbreath.

So this week we will really try to see the difference between no thoughts and thoughts, especially when in kumbhaka.

This leads to realising when our awareness is lost in ego rather than freedom of consciousness when moving the body.

Concentration will strengthen into meditation which leads into the inner expansion of mind which ultimately brings to light the beauty and purpose of the outer world.

This is the true purpose of yoga.

Om Shanti

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