• Andrea West

Play of nature

Using Patanjali 2,18

Understanding how the unchanging inner Self can perceive enjoyment of life’s pleasures created by the forces of nature or become free from being bound to them; to experience liberation.

The Seer which is consciousness can enjoy the qualities of nature by “lending itself into them“ but it is not owned by them, only the ego part of mind -the I maker - me, my, I am, I love, hate, want can get attached.

It is ahamkara (ego) that gets involved with the rajas (strong active force) and tamasic (inert, dormant force) of nature.

We can feel this in the postures when there is tension and dullness in the body/mind.

We can use an aspect called Buddhi (intellect) to differentiate what is “me” and where “me has got involved” and bring about detachment using the breath to bring an experience of sattva ( brightness and illumination) by removing “myself” from the situation.

We can move into and enjoy the illumination but not get bound to this as it is still a force within the play of nature, which is still impermanent.

The underlying truth of Reality can be transcended into, with further practice of Samadhi.

Om Shanti

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