• Andrea West

Going “back” to an innocent experience of everything.

Photo of Amma, she depicts how we can experience and be a big part of life without being affected.

Hello students, a new year always brings a feeling of starting afresh.

This “life “ will always show us “good” and “bad” experiences.

But because we are governed by a self-identification to these experiences we become attached to making sure we are “safe” within this scale (from and inbetween bad and good experiences.)

Yoga and meditation awakens the innocent awareness within ( True Self; infinite consciousness) that has always been the foundation before we were influenced by the outside environment.

If we take the approach of seeing through a beginner’s mind free of any idea of how we should be, what we should look like and never second guess and judge ourselves.

Accepting all of ourselves with a calm innocence helps for a state of purity and breaks through the illusion of the outside effects that have covered up who we truly are.

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Om Shanti

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