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evolving ahamkara

Teaching theme this week: -

Our ego can take on any colouring from the development of the practitioner. It is an unsullied state and has no moral value when it’s left on its own.

The “I consciousness”in it’s grossest form may appear as pride or egoism, but in it’s subtlest form, it is the innermost layer of being, nearest to the atman, true self.

The ego therefore has changing qualities- rajastic- forceful, controlling, grasping.

tamasic- resistant, dulled, bored,

sattvic -bright, luminous, cheerful.

A sattvic ahamkara (ego);when we are cheerful, usually indicates an evolved asmita.(I amness)

Interesting when we are challenged in life how the cheerfulness can change into anger or fear/resistance very quickly.

The evolved ego always wants the best outcome to remain sattvic (happy, bright) for yourself and everyone.

Asanas give us this controlled battlefield for the process of conflict to come up so that we can issue a counteract to the negative experience and create a new experience which is at the same time evolving ego.

Ref Light on the Yoga Sutras of Patanjali by Iyengar page 11-12

Om Shanti

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