• Andrea West


Within yoga there is the teaching philosophy to learn from and to help us evolve.

The teaching theme as from Wed- taking actions without leaving deposits within the body/mind.

When action is focussed on not trying to impress yourself or anyone else, or to gain something out of the action and using the mind in dhyana (meditation) there becomes an expansive experience in the body/mind.

When we try to intend to do action with mind activity and judgement with intention to gain or to avoid “me” then deposits are made in the body/mind causing contraction and denseness.

We can only evolve when we remove these obstacles which are directed by a “director within us” - a force of ME, I AM- NESS. called asmita which propels the ahamkar; ego me part of mind.

Ref Patanjali 4,6-8.

Om Shanti

Classes as usual for mixed abilities;

face to face, online and recordings too.

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