• Andrea West

Beyond the play of mind/body’s dualities

Updated: Mar 21, 2021

In yoga this week we will work with the Patanjali Sutra- “Sthira sukha asanam” which means the posture has the two differing and yet merging qualities of the following - firm, fixed, steadfast, enduring, lasting and yet serene, calm and composed, sense of delight, comfort, alleviation and bliss.

The dualities in the mind have been overcome from their usual manner of play with fighting between eachother and there comes an emergence of them and this brings the inner expression beyond that of there only being a body and mind.

It is this spiritual aspect that is needed to be felt and experienced to not only understand all there is but to become a master of our own selves ( within body and mind).

We are enabling an alignment with the cosmic nature of life and we can experience a beauty, a liberation and an infinity.

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Om Shanti

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