• Andrea West

Awakening kundalini- inner spiritual force within us all.

A clip of an online class recording from a live class session… we were working on inner foot/leg/hip balance using pranayama of the vayus- forces of energy within us, to bring balance in mind/body.

Classes will transform body and mind so as to experience the inner spiritual aspect of our Being.

Meditation is key to this experience and we use all the teaching tools from ancient philosophy to bring the mind and body into stillness at the end of each class.

Teaching theme this week-

the voltage of our energy is just sufficient enough to power the instinctive consciousness and body functions due to the fact most of our energy flows out through the sense.

We will focus on activating the whole central nervous system by awakening kundalini; energy passes from the firing of one neutron to the next and the chains of nerve fibres straighten with the force of the energy.

Thus it is said “kundalini straightens like a snake which is suddenly beaten with a stick” ref Hatha Yoga Pradipika Ch 3 V 68 69

Om Shanti

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