• Andrea West

The Supreme Law of Life

We can understand and know that we are not restricted within our body or mind.

In this week’s classes we will experience that when we release from filling up our ego and and instead open up into a deeper question: what is that which pervades and supports life? - it is consciousness and it is limitless.

There is a divine mystery, that all creatures are brought forward and supported by consciousness but the consciousness is not confined within them.

They move in consciousness as the winds move in every direction in space .

The consciousness is not bound to the actions or the body and the nature of consciousness stays the same.

Only the ego identification is bound which keeps the feeling of feeling of being restricted in body and mind.

The foolish do not see beyond physical appearances to see the true nature as the Lord of all creation; consciousness.

The knowledge of such deluded people is empty; their lives are fraught with disaster and evil and their work and hopes are all in vain

Ref/: The Royal Path, Bhagavad Gita

Om Shanti

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