• Andrea West

Spinal awareness

This week we will focus on bringing of how all are directed outwards from the centre of the body; that being from the spine.

We will bring attention to where a blockage in the body relates to the part of the spine that needs releasing. From this understanding we can bring an action of releasing to the front of the body which brings the reconnection from spine to outer body.

The outer body will release and the spine becomes longer and more balanced into its natural curvature.

Some other benefits include:

releasing and activating the main chakra system inline with the spine.

brighter more receptive awareness of posture, breath, inner wisdom,

detachment to body and mind.

Please prebook online classes or videos

Mon 7-8.30pm

Tues 10-11.30 am

Wed 7-8.30 pm

Thurs 10-11.30 am

Om Shanti

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