• Andrea West

Using the will to restrain thoughts and creating a space.

This week we will work on the following:

“As you gain control of your mind with the help of your higher Self, then your mind and ego become your allies. But the uncontrolled mind behaves as an enemy” Bhagavad Gita 6,6

We will practice with the effort (tapas) in restraining a thought which brings disturbance to become a “new space.”We will be able to become aware and experience the “spaces created” which can be a space for a new experience.

Bringing the disturbance to restraint is “ nirodha parinama”

This new space is an invitation for a new higher vibration of thought intended to bring mind and body into a sattvic, bright, calm, happy experience or a releasement into inner Divine Being.

Classes are online as usual although I’m teaching in halls on Monday (am) and Thursday (pm) for 2 weeks prior to the Christmas break (finishing week ending on 18th)

Lesson plans and videos are available too.

Online classes: please prebook

Mon 7-8.30 pm, Tues 10-11.30 am, Wed 7-8.30 pm, Thurs 10-11.30 am.

Om Shanti

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