• Andrea West

Using Buddhi - intellect

Dear students here is the teaching theme for this Wednesday onwards -

We all face pain whether it be physical, mental, emotional.

Yoga is a preventative healing art, science and philosophy by which we build up robust health in body and mind and construct a defensive strength with which to deflect or counteract afflictions that are as yet in perceived afflictions.

Also having strong health and a stable mind will help us to face the wonder of wonders - the spiritual bliss if and when the spiritual gate is set to open

Using Patanjali book 2 - we are able to detach from pain and avoid future pain.

Using our intelligence all the time in thought, word and deed is said to destroy ignorance which is the source of pain.

The consciousness within is not bound to pain and can be seen to be free when we understand this.

We can only experience this inner freedom when we realise that without the pain we couldn’t experience who we truly are.

Still working on teaching points in Down Dog to Runners Lunge as in the Sun Salutations.

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Om Shanti

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