• Andrea West

Moving on from siddhis

online yoga classes

video recordings

or lesson plans

- are available this week if you’re interested.

At present I am allowing myself some more time to rethink and be creative in new ways to teach for the future.

Also, I’m having a nudge to sort an online workshop out for those that are interested.

This week we will be working with breaking down a psychic knot within us all that is in our energy body and it is associated with being attached to siddhis (siddhis are the psychic powers: clairvoyance, telepathy, seeing auras etc )

These powers are experienced along our path in yoga but should not be an attachment to ourselves.

It is the detachment of individual self to Higher Self which is the goal of yoga.

On a physical level we will experience a releasement in tension around the chest, upper back, neck, face and head region.

Spiritually we will feel a deeper inner peace within and a “renewed” energy.

Om Shanti


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