• Andrea West

Integrating teachings from Patanjali and Hatha text.

2,47 Patanjali- by lessening the natural tendency for restlessness and by meditating on the infinite posture is mastered.

The Hatha approach is opening the pranic body (energy channels, chakras) which purify body and mind bringing us into the ‘infinite’ experience of no body/mind. Focussing through the breath (this is pranayama) starts the purification process.

Making sure movements and postures do not restrict the body or lessen breathing, (lessening the ego- restlessness).

Also by releasing the clinging of ego aspect prana expands (energy/ lifeforce).

Many physical benefits are bound to happen but only by lessening the “I want to be better”

It is the realisation of the underlying reality of consciousness of life ( the infinite within of consciousness) that brings peace and calm in mind.

Om Shanti

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