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Hatha Yoga is Self illuminating

Updated: Sep 28, 2020

Swatmarama compiled the text of Hatha Yoga Pradipika - which translates as the Light on Hatha Yoga

Pradipika means “self illuminating” or “that which illumines”

It is a practice to prepare for the supreme state of yoga.

The word Hatha is made up of two Sanskrit roots, ha and tha.

Ha - means sun, pranic force, vitality, dynamic, active.

Tha - means moon, mental energy of chitta, the subtle force which is concerned with the mental layers.

These symbolise the twin energy forces which exist in everything.

These two aspects are known as -

Ida and Pingala.

We will work with ujjayi pranayama, a method of breath control to bring the two forces together and bring us to a steady “kumbhaka” ( pause after outbreath) This is what the Hatha yoga texts named the pranayama practices because here in this state the mind and consciousness have stilled and the flow of prana can rise up through sushumna nadi, the spiritual middle passage way. Here the mind is still and ready to become devoid of thought, this state is called “manonmani“

We will use a mantra meditation to deepen the experience using the sounds of HA and THA this will further allow kumbhaka to be more spontaneous.

Hatha Yoga Pradipika says from pranayama - “wonderous perfections are obtained

Those who are the knowers practise the various kumbhakas to accomplish them”

We will work on accomplishing ujjayi.

Om Shanti

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