• Andrea West

Feeling divine power

Firstly some news - To all ongoing yoga students and potential new ones …

Today I live streamed the Wed class from Trinity Church Hall and that went well. So this is an option if ever you can’t physically make the class or just wish to carry online.

(Below video clip- we were in meditation)

Face to face classes:

Monday 9.30-11 am St Peters Lutheran Church Hall Larkham Lane Plympton

Wednesday 10-11.30 am Trinity Church Hall Torr Lane Hartley

Thursday 7-8.30 pm St Marys Church Hall Market Rd Plympton

Live Streaming:

Wed 10-11.30 am

Thurs 7-8.30pm

All Classes £10

Video recordings £6

please prebook all of the above - use the contact form on Yoga Class Page

We will be starting a new teaching theme tomorrow :

Our innate potential is unknown and unexpressed, we are awake to the world but asleep to our own inner nature. We are ego centred and the spiritual understanding is limited. The awakening of kundalini (divine power) can change this and transcend our limited personality. We will release doubt and the obstacles we are up against and experience the ascent of the power and around our physical

and emotional bodies to purify and cleanse the past ways of being.

Om Shanti

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