• Andrea West

Balancing the two hemispheres of the brain and integrating two major energy channels

Balancing and integrating the two sides of the brain hemispheres in connection with the left and right side of the body overcomes a constant internal mind/body battle that we all suffer with.

We can’t seem to control the opposing forces within us -

happiness / sadness

introversion / extroversion

conformity / rebellion

negativity / positivity

detachment / attachment

dislike / like

hope / dispair

activity / passivity

humility / confidence

caution / courage

We will sensitise to our pain attachments and use the correct breath control which corresponds to that side of the brain and physical body.

We will finish with integrating both sides of the brain hemispheres to experience a higher state of mind consciousness from where we can live more fundamentally and yet with more wisdom.

Om Shanti

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