• Andrea West

Awakening and cultivating Buddhi (intellect) into true wisdom.

By awakening Buddhi (intellect) in the asana practice we can eliminate what is not true and what is left to be true according to what the Scriptures say (alignjng to finding True Self.)

By bringing ourselves into asanas we can experience pain and pleasure, firstly just by noticing this; we awaken buddhi.

We can eliminate what is not true which is both - pain and pleasure, as only the ego faculty can associate to the duality experience.

By “acceptance” of pleasure and pain and “discipline” of detaching; ego is purified and a movement occurs into the spiritual intelligence- this is true wisdom.

Wisdom does not function in the realm of duality; it perceives only oneness. It knows beyond time. It is needed in the search to freedom.

Om Shanti

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