• Andrea West

Aiming to experience the True Self is a must.

Hatha yoga overcomes sickness in body and mind due to imbalance of polarities within the system.

It is explained from the spiritual understanding that it is because we associate that we are our body/mind that causes the imbalance and therefore we need to move onwards along the raja path to unite with the true Self.

We will use will power and discipline with dharana (concentration) and dhyana (meditation) to untie the connection to that what we believe to be true. (I am angry, upset, worried, ill, young, old, happy,- releasing the “I” is the practice.)

And bringing a self enquiry “who am I?” releasing what we have believed we are in association with mind’s seeing and not the true Seer , the silent witness, consciousness, Atman, true Spirit - it doesnot need one name to know itself it just “IS”

Online classes prebook and I will send on link

Monday 7-8.30 pm

Tuesday 10-11.30am

Wednesday 7-8.30 pm

Thursday 10-11.30 am

Om Shanti

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