• Andrea West

Aim of yoga is self absorption

Even if we don’t reach Samadhi - the absorbed state, we should aim for it.

By learning to focus the mind on any one subject with concentration, meditation and absorption would follow because of the highest intensity of focus in practice

We will use a full focus on ujjayi breath and concentrate fully detaching from impurities in body and mind, helping to lead into deeper concentration of the stillness in kumbhaka.

This is using the teaching from Patanjali, from one of the niyamas - SAUCHA, meaning purity.

Our mind’s thoughts are not always pure which has an effect on our body. Food also that we eat isn’t pure or disagrees with our systems, why do we do that? We sometimes counteract our emotions with bad eating or drinking habits.

When the practice of yoga and meditation is what we need.

We will feel that what we are experiencing in the kumbhaka (stillness) stage of breath becomes the body and mind. A purity is experienced and at the same time a detachment has occurred from the false supports we’ve been using that make mind and body impure.

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Om Shanti

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