• Andrea West

Overcoming the two sides of our personality and the opposing forces between body and mind

This week in yoga I won’t be doing any body adjustments and also won’t be using any blocks or ties. Just bring your mats, blankets as usual and your sanitizers!

They are small classes and in retrospect we are more likely going to get something from being out somewhere in larger numbers.

So this week we will work with postures that we know very well. We will start with controlling breath which controls the mind and energy in the body.

We will be integrating the opposing forces of personality within us so we feel a state of calm and more indifferent to the dualities in mind/body.

We will end with a guided visualisation to an experience of a deeper calmer balanced state in body and mind and a connection to freedom which is the Spiritual Self.

The health benefits are always immeasurable but definitely the immune system is stimulated.

Om Shanti

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