• Andrea West

Who is within the play of the gunas?

This week we will see that within nature; our body and mind is also within the realm of nature, there is a play of 3 forces.

They are known as the gunas in Sanskrit

They are

Sattva- goodness, purity, light, harmony, balance.

Rajas - forcefulness( good or bad) anger, hatred, greed, ambitious - this is not bad if it’s for the evolution of the soul.

Tamas- inertia, sloth, darkness, ignorance, insensitivity.

Every experience is a mixture of these forces but they don’t define us.

They are changing, unstable and in constant flux.

Our aim to evolve spiritually is to work towards sattvic qualities.

However all these qualities are external to the inner Self, even the sattvic ones.

But working in purifying to a more sattvic state will allow us to transcend into a final peaceful state closer to inner Self.

Working using asanas, pranayama, bandhas. dharana, dhyana, mantras to experience this.

Om Shanti

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