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Vipareeta Karani Mudra

The traditional Hatha Yoga posture we will work towards this week is -

“Vipareeta Karani Mudra”(modifications can be given)

It is a powerful practice because of the benefits:

It reverses the ageing process on the body and mind. (Will explain this in class)

Enlightenment of human consciousness and the body does not undergo decay of old age.

Rebalances a hypoactive thyroid gland.

Digestion is strengthened so much that the inner heat can help with digesting and assimilation of foods. (make sure you are not fasting as this practice produces a lot of heat that can damage the stomach lining)

Drains pooling of blood and body fluids in lower body organs and legs.

Stops protrusion of abdominal organs.

Prevents and helps with haemorrhoids, varicose veins and hernia.

Increases blood flow to the brain and to the glands here, cerebral insufficiency and senile dimentia are counteracted.

Influences the entire network of arteries and veins and a regular practice prevents arterial degeneration, restoring tone and elasticity.

The electromagnetic field of our brain which is associated with the field of the earth is revitalised and can lift our aura.

It is important to know we must not practicie it with high blood pressure. heart disease, enlarged thyroid or have an excess of toxins in the body.

Before the practice we make sure that the stomach and bowels are empty.

Elderly people who have not practiced Hatha yoga before should not attempt this posture without a qualified experienced teacher.

The posture can be practiced daily at the same time preferably in the morning. Hold the posture for a few minutes in the beginning, over a period of a few months gradually increasing the duration.

When pressure builds in the head slowly come down

It is important that the posture is correct and concentration is one pointed.

Om Shanti

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