• Andrea West

Understanding the layers of our existence.

Hello to all yoga students out there,

The video is showing what we will be learning with the transition from down dog to upward facing dog within the sun salutations with correct teaching and some modifications are given where appropriate for some students.

Please donot take this as an instructive practice as this is only an advertisement of what I will be teaching in class.

You may be doing some bits of yoga here and there ... I hope.

However we all know how we feel after taking part in a themed class; our mindset changes as well as our overall health.

The online classes are running well and I can take on anyone who wants to have a go.

You don’t see other students in their practice, only myself and you.

It has a deep effect with students as I’ve had some really positive feedback and this is the same with the video recordings as well.

You only see me as the teacher and I do give subtle instructions to the students that I was teaching at the time of recording which helps you to go deeper.

Lesson plans are being sent to a few students who are saying how much it helps, however most are using the recordings and online now as the subtle instructions take us deeper.

So if you’re interested please do let me know.

Once lockdown starts to shift I will still probably have to stay teaching like this for some time so it may well be worth you thinking about it.

This week I’m using the well known Patanjali Yoga Sutra “yoga citta vritti nirodha” which means to stop the fluctuations that occur in mind.

We need to understand the layers of our existence from the outer body into the inner Self. And how the breath moves us through the layers to find the inner calm and then stillness, but this isn’t the True Self.

We will gain knowledge of the outer layers and outer experience as we will with the inner layers where awareness is more tranquil and bright.

It is from this state that we can move onwards with a “force of will and a clear bright awareness” to an understanding that there is a further path and not become stuck here and think we have arrived.

Otherwise this can be an attachment to feeling we have gained something spiritual.

We cannot claim the True Self as something to be gained as it is always there. It is being “used/ borrowed” so to speak for the experience in the physical and mental and subtle realms of our being.

By understanding and detaching back from believing that the outer existence is all there is takes the awareness back into the Self, where we have always been.

Om Shanti

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