• Andrea West

True Self

The core of Raja Yoga is stilling the mind to bring us to the state of perfection. To bring us to Purusha, True


The identification with thoughts need to be removed as they are impermanent.

There are five types of thoughts that are either painful or painless.

Thoughts can cause us pain when they are coming from ahamkar (ego identification) - anger, worry, fear, stress and even pleasure is painful. Or they keep us in a neutral, painless space when produced by manas and buddhi (mind and intellect) but away from any fulfilment, purpose and happiness.

Aiming with our practice to reach inner permanent peace, joy, bliss is needed and important.

A surrendering of making a “story with what we experience within the body during yoga practice and off the mat in our lives helps with moving nearer to the goal.

When we work from an ego-less intention the physical body and benefits come naturally without force.

Om Shanti

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