• Andrea West

Transition in body and mind.

This week we will be learning to transition from a runnners lunge into lifting up into a high lunge and taking it into the Sun Salutations sequence.

Please note this is not an instruction video to copy without guidance.

Using a teaching theme to guide the mind back from being drawn unconsciously to gratify our senses.

We will be working with negative deep beliefs we have stored within and using a higher state of consciousness to help change that belief into a positive one.

When the mind is in a state of contentment it enables the path to Self realisation.

Online Classes this week:

Or video recordings are available.

Monday 11 th May 10-11.30 am

Tuesday 12 th May 7-8.30 pm

Wednesday 13 th May 10-11.30 am

Thursday 14 th May 10-11.30 am

Thursday 14 th May 7-8.30 pm

Please book beforehand

Om Shanti

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