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The heat has gone now from the change of season but we can control our inner fire.

Updated: Oct 8, 2020

This week we will work intently with increasing the inner fire, Agni - at the centre of the pranic body (in-line with the navel)

To increase inner heat, helping with digestion and working on Manipura chakra for willpower, confidence, manifesting goals.

Also moving the pranic currents (vayus) vital for health, well being more ability of movement in the limbs and some finer movements.

The mind and prana are interconnected, so by bringing a healthier balance within the pranic movements and containing prana the mind can become unsupported by thought.

We will work towards keeping the aim

of yoga to still the mind - moving along the royal (raja) path.

“ The earth without raja yoga, night without raja yoga, even the various mudras without raja yoga are useless, ie not beautiful” HYP Ch 3,V126.

Without withdrawing the sensory awareness and experiencing the inner world in meditation it is impossible to appreciate the external.

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Monday 7-8.30 pm

Tuesday 10-11.30am

Wednesday 7-8.30 pm

Thursday 10-11.30 am

Om Shanti

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