• Andrea West

Sthira Sukham Asanam - asana is a steady comfortable posture

“Asana is perfect firmness of body, steadiness of intelligence and benevolence of spirit.” Patanjali 2,46 Iyengar translation

Using 5 functions to perform an asana - conative, cognitive, intellectual and spiritual- brings a pure state of joy “ananda” when there is a realisation of Self (when mind is stilled).

Here I am using the first 3 in the high runners lunge.

Mind and body are changing and prana (life force) is moving and can be experienced.

We will use the first three within class aswell as the spiritual experience.

Not only does the body benefit but mind will have a reduced impact on our lives because we are purifying the behaviour patterns we attach to; which affects the body.

Classes coming up and over Easter school holidays;

Wed 13 th. 10-11.30 am Trinity Church Hartley. Also live streamed

Thurs 14th 7-8.30 pm St Marys Church Hall , Plympton. Also live streamed

Tues 19th 9-10.30 am St Peter’s Lutheran Church Hall, Larkham Lane, Plympton

Wed 20th 10-11.30 am Trinity Church Hall

Thurs 21st 7-8.30 pm St Marys Church Hall

Classes £10

Please message and prebook before attending

Om Shanti

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