• Andrea West

Self knowledge isn’t the mind or body

This week in yoga

working deeply with purification of body and mind.

- [ ] Pranayama - (restraining breath)

- [ ] Asana - (postures which will lead to sitting and asana means to be seated for the practice of meditation)

- [ ] Shatkarma- a cleansing practice using Trataka (candle gazing for purifying eyes and diseases associated with eyes, helps with depression, insomnia, allergies, anxiety, postural problems, poor concentration, and memory. Has an effect on Ajna chakra which is an energy centre associated above the dualities of the mind, so clairvoyance and perception of subtle manifestations can occur)

- [ ] Dharana (concentration)

- [ ] Dhyana- (meditation) on Ajna Chakra using the mantra OM will absorb the mind inwards.

- [ ] Self Knowledge will awaken and distractions dissolve

Online classes - prebook

Monday 7-8.30 pm

Tuesday 10-11.30am

Wednesday 7-8.30 pm

Thursday 10-11.30 am

Om Shanti

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