• Andrea West

Releasing into change

This week we will work on purification of attachment to the physical form. Using the teaching from Hatha yoga tradition with the teaching from Patanjali Sutras.

Working on the pranic (energy) body with a one- pointed undisturbed focus at Moolabandha (just above pelvic floor in the pranic body)

At the end of our practice we will experience the releasing feeling of heaviness into a lighter feeling.

This is due to the breaking down of blockages associated with attachments to the physical form. After all our body isn’t who we are, as we sometimes think at times! Also our thoughts connected to the physical plane of our existence isn’t all there is! Our belongings; houses, cars, jobs aren’t the be all and end all to strive for! The yogis found from deep exploration within that the truth of our existence lies within and doesn’t need physical form to know itself or even thoughts.

It is through releasing, that we are able to “see” this truth of Being.

And when we inwardly connect to this True Self we are less worried and attached to outer form.

This is evolution because when we detach, we experience life more fully. There is a releasing and a rising up of prana movement from Mooladhara chakra into Swadisthana chakra ( within the energy body)

The result is felt in more freedom of movement within the physical body especially legs, hips lower back, organs in the pelvic region are stimulated.

We are also able to enjoy life more through experiences of our senses towards the material forms of life that we work for and our relationships, as well as with food. Creativity is also enhanced.

Om Shanti

Please prebook online classes:

Tuesday 15th Sept 10-11.30 am

Tuesday 15 th Sept 7-8.30 pm

Thursday 17th Sept 10-11.30 am

Thursday 17th Sept 7-8.30 pm

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