• Andrea West

Reducing anxiety to a calm present mind

Yoga for the week ahead,there are:

Classes online/video recordings/ and lesson plans.

online classes:

Tuesday 7th July- 10-11/30 am or 7-8.30 pm

Thursday 9th July - 10-11/30 am or 7-8.30 pm

Please prebook and I’ll send you the zoom links.

Teaching theme- Anxiety can be linked with attaching ourselves to a specific future outcome.

When all we have is the present moment.

We will use teachings from Patanjali Yoga Sutras to help maintain a steadiness of mind and the Bhagavad Gita to keep us detached from the fruits of our action.

A concentration practice will be used to guide us into being able to meditate on any object at will which will bring a degree of mental stability.

This will allow for an awareness of the present moment which reflects the inner connection of True Self.

Om Shanti

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