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Pratyahara- 5th limb of yoga

Pratyahara- the practice of sense withdrawal is the 5th limb of Patanjali. Undoing the sense-gratification that keeps us hooked into repeating past habits and impressions. This helps with detachment and prana (energy) is conserved and used only when is necessary. Freedom occurs and the sadhaka (student) draws citta (consciousness) towards its source,

Ref Patanjali by Iyengar 2,54

Classes as usual and online and recordings

Om Shanti

Here is a clip and review of an online class.

The review is from a student who is taught online. And a small clip of what it would look like to you at home when demonstrating.

Here is a talk through and showing how a folded forward bend needs to be practiced with a straight spine as opposed to bending in with a tense or dull rounded upper back.


“I have attended Andrea's yoga classes for a number of years and highly recommend them.

Andrea has a very warm, welcoming, calm and caring presence. Her knowledge of yoga is first rate.

During the pandemic, Andrea held online classes. I was unsure whether they would be as beneficial but I was able to gain as much benefit from them as being in the physical class. Indeed, I have continued to do the online classes.

I really value Andrea’s classes”

Small clip here of the online yoga class and the instructions being given are related to the teaching theme that week.

Being taught from your home using the online classes that are available can help those who want to be taught and yet not want to come to a real class or can’t come to class.

I can see you and help you from my view with your practice on your mat.

No one else can see you so you are kept private.

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