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Overcoming a scattered mind.

Due to the ongoing circumstances, this week our options with yoga classes are :

- joining on Zoom - £10 for up to 2 classes or a video of 2nd class can be sent if you can attend only once.

- a video recording can be sent instead of attending at all - £6.

- a lesson plan with teaching instructions can still be sent with a video. This is to help you transition to feeling confident with just a video soon. -£6.

This week you will need 2 cushions/blocks, 2 ties, each with a small loop at one end, a blanket.

Please get in touch to join any classes.

Monday 20th 10 -11.30 am

Tuesday 21st 7-8.30 pm

Wednesday 22nd 10-11.30am

Thursday 23rd 10-11.30 am

Thursday 23rd 7-8.30 pm

Teaching theme-

overcoming the “lack of drive “ we all experience when we have an opportunity to transform our body and mind and find inner peace.

We can feel this quite often and everyone knows this feeling like a dark cloud and this happens when we are in a state of over thinking and our intellect is scattered.

We feel all over the place, cannot focus at all, we can see the goal there in the distance, it’s not going anywhere but we feel we are losing a battle.

By using the ancient teachings we can understand and overcome these issues.

We need to train the intellect (intelligence aspect) of mind to stop it wandering.

With careful observation and reflection on the quality of this intellect ( known as buddhi in yoga philosophy) -

Is it one pointed or multi faceted?

Is it restless or silent?

By awareness in observation for a deliberate and prolonged time there comes a stream of tranquility.

This is known as the stage of Dharana and we move inwards to inner consciousness, also known as “the seer” or true self, or Purusha in Patanjali Yoga Sutras.

When the inner tranquility leads into longer states of silence, this is when our consciousness has broadened. This is the next stage on known as Dhyana. (meditation)

We will work through a series of back lengthening and strengthening asanas and end in shoulderstand cycling.

Some of the benefits:

Endocrine organs function better to balance hormones.

Helps with - asthma, throat ailments, respiration, blood circulation, headaches, insomnia, hypertension, constipation, urinary problems, menstrual, piles, hernia, epilepsy, low vitality, stomach, intestines,colitis and anaemia.

“If a person regularly practiced Shoulderstand he will feel new vigour and strength and will be happy and confident. New life will flow into him, his mind will be at peace and he will feel the joy of life. After a long illness, the practice of this asana regularly twice a day brings back lost vitality” quote from Iyengar.

Please note - not to be done if suffering with high blood pressure. (Will give alternative)

Om Shanti

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