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Maha Mudra

Maha mudra

-Removes the worst afflictions (the five Kleshas - these are our sufferings we all have and the fear we have of death)

This brings the awareness we are not just a body and mind full of thoughts and emotions.

Within us is the eternal spiritual existence that is covered up by these thoughts, desires, emotions and tensions with which we live with too much.

Therefore it is called “the great attitude” by the ones of highest knowledge

The whole energy system is purified which effects the mind and body.

The Chudamani Upanishad says “Maha mudra is a practice which purifies the entire network of nadis, balances Ida and pingala and absorbs rasa or health-giving fluid so that it pervades one’s entire being” (v 65)

The most inner part of the energy body is aroused which we can experience in a clearing of thoughts and tensions.

Maha mudra clears the nadis and particularly stimulates the flow of sushumna.

It increases ones vitality, stimulates digestion and harmonises all bodily functions.

It also increases ones awareness, brings about clarity of thought and helps one to overcome depression

Om Shanti

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