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Maha Bandha “The Great Lock”

In the photograph I am practicing “Maha Bandha” known as the great lock.

(We will learn this week)

This practice is from the Hatha Yoga tradition and it brings many health benefits (some are listed below)

With the correct teaching and guidance of this practice, we also break down attachments to material possessions, people and the need to be claiming that we are “special” because we have abilities, titles or trophies or powers that we have attained (certificates in training, a more agile body, performing postures well, clairvoyance, telepathy, healing can be some of these attachments)

Releasing attachments causes a releasement in our physical body and mind.

Higher consciousness occurs. Healthy relationships with our possessions, people and accomplishments become more fluid and we can see how it is very healthy to sometimes let things/people go for the next stage in our life to unfold.

The spiritual effects of this practice awakens the consciousness into a deeper awareness of inner calm, contentment, peace and joy.

The physical benefits are:

Hormones are regulated as the endocrine system benefits

Theoat disorders alleviated

Improves quality of voice

Lower blood pressure

Higher brain centres are activated

digestion, assimilation of nutrients, excretion and circulation becomes stimulated

Thyroid gland is stimulated which governs thyroxine helping tissue metabolism ( imp to keep regeneration of cells and tissue in the body)

Parathyroid glands are influenced which helps to regulate and control density of calcium in blood and bones.

Powerful toning effect on internal organs, muscles, nerves and glands.

Alimentary canal functions better

Diaphragm and respiratory muscles strengthen and become more mobile

Efficient gaseous exchange from the lungs

Brain receives more oxygen

Degeneration of the body decreases

Nervous system and brain functions are stimulated

Mind becomes alert

Sensual desires and need for sleep decline

Greater awareness in dream state of sleep

Om Shanti

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