• Andrea West

Letting go of pain we hold onto.

We all have the capacity to change into beings with more inner security, creativity, confidence, compassion, understanding the truth, inner wisdom and serenity.

But we need to have the right environment to be in this new space of experiencing ourselves in relation to the outside world.

The environment can be our home, relationships, jobs, diet, financial state, health etc.

When our environment is a balanced place we start to feel better about ourselves and have more positive experiences.

It isn’t easy to change our environment and keep it balanced, however we can change the inner environment of our mind by bringing two aspects of our mind into one point where time and space merge and an inner peace can be experienced.

The suffering that we have become used to bearing will subside and an inner clarity opens in the body and mind which we can further investigate into a long lasting enlightenment.

This week we will become aware of letting go of pain that we have held onto without realising and a new experience of “no pain” will unfold into clarity of inner calm.

Om Shanti

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