• Andrea West

Lesson plans and online streaming this week.

This week I am starting the online classes for a few students and by next week I should be able to take on more once I pass through the loopholes with it all.

These are going to take place on:

Mondays 10-11.30 am

Thursdays 7-8.30 pm

£10 per session but you are welcome to join in on the other class free of charge.

Otherwise lesson plans are still available and will continue for those who prefer them. £6 per plan and change each week.

Here is a testimonial and photo from one of my students who has been practicing with her plan this past week. Well done Nikki!

She says - “Lockdown what to do?

Well I am carrying on pretty much as normal but within the confines of my own home, so last night instead of going to yoga I did the same lesson at home and it was really good as I worked at my own pace!

I didn't miss a pose whilst having a bathroom break and spent more time on things I enjoyed or found difficult so next week I will definitely have another lesson plan and the beauty of it is, I will always have the plan so can follow it again in the future!

Thank you Andrea for your hard work in making sure we can all still have some sort of normality in our lives in these uncertain times”

Om Shanti

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