• Andrea West

Hatha Yoga is so powerful and prepares for Raja Yoga

This week we will work on

understanding the reason of the various unusual Hatha Yoga practices.

They are so powerful and help to not only purify body/mind but to move us onto the royal (raja) path with absorption of mind/ body, senses inwards towards merging with the inner light -“jyoti”

- the light of the soul.

As we are aware from last week’s class “the experience leads to transformation” and we are here to evolve on many levels, bringing a deeper joy into our lives.

Please prebook online classes

Tues 22nd Sept 10-11.30 am

Tues 22nd Sept 7-8.30 pm

Thurs 24th Sept 10-11.30 am

Tues 24th Sept 7-8.30 pm

Om Shanti

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