• Andrea West

Detaching from dvesa (hatred)

This week we will work with releasing on being carried away by expressions of hatred which brings pain (this can be mild or intense; a discomfort about something to a hating of something)

This creates disharmony between body and mind.

All pain is an aversion to something we have associated with because we are not aware that we do not have to let the experience colour our mind/body.

We have to dissociate with what we have seen or experienced to realise we are that which is behind the seeing - “the Seer.”

Nothing can effect the Seer, the ignorance of association with the seer into the seen is what we need to detach from.

All pain we experience in the present moment is all we need to work with and this will not only reduce the pain but also halt future pain, if we use the discipline of yoga.

Om Shanti

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