• Andrea West

Conscious of presence

This week when you book classes I will send the copied link from zoom for you to use to sign in with.

Please enquire.

Tues 10-11.30 am

Tues 7-8.30 pm

Thurs 10-11.30 am

Thurs 7-8.30 pm

This week in class we will experience when we are in our mind as opposed to our awareness which is our consciousness without ego identity.

We will link this up to the state of Being as opposed to “doing” which we have been conditioned to “do”

We will need a tie and blocks/cushions and some space to do a walking meditation so keep the room you are in clear as much as possible. Even if the room is small we can walk in circles.

The “being” is the underlying consciousness that we already are. Uncovering the layers “to allow being to shine through “ will be the aim of this class.

Om Shanti

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