• Andrea West

Becoming detached in a healthy manner

Patanjali Bk 2, Verse 15 - “to one of discrimination, everything is painful indeed, due to its consequences: the anxiety and fear over losing what is gained; the resulting impressions left in the mind to create renewed cravings

; and the constant conflict among the three gunas, which control the mind. “

We all suffer pain whether it be emotional or physical. We all experience pleasure too.

We can understand that life can throw us into either space at any time and we therefore want a repeat of the pleasure and an end to pain returning.

The laws of nature play a part in the state of our mind as it can sometimes feel dull and heavy, or bright and clear or strong and driven ( these are the gunas to take into consideration as well)

This week we will use the knowledge experienced from the ancient yoga philosophy from Patanjali and the Hatha Yoga Pradipika to see that we are able to experience both pleasure and pain from a detached place.

Om Shanti

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